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Fiber Rates Approved

Feb. 7, 2024 - City Council approved rates for Holland City Fiber.

It's official! Holland City Fiber Rates

Holland City Council approved rates for Holland City Fiber internet services on Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Internet service from Holland Board of Public Works (BPW) will be available throughout the City of Holland, rolling out in zones (a.k.a. fiberhoods) as the network is built.

Holland BPW will offer 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) symmetrical service for $45/month and 10 Gbps for $125/month. The monthly cost includes the modem, router, and installation.

To meet the varying needs of customers, Holland BPW will offer some add-on services. Wi-Fi mesh extenders will be available for $5/each per month. Additional IP addresses will be available for $3/each per month. An optional Enhanced Service package will be available to customers who desire 24/7 support for an additional $150/month.

The first fiberhoods to go live will be the Historic Zone and the Centennial Park Zone. Service installation is expected to begin in late spring for these areas. Installation in the Downtown Zone is slated to begin in July. Check your address at to find the name of your fiberhood.

On August 2, 2022, the people of the City of Holland voted to invest in a bond paid for by a millage to expand the community-owned broadband network. The millage has not taken effect yet. Residents will first see the broadband millage on their 2024 summer property tax bill. The millage will start at 1.2 mills, which is lower than originally planned.

How to Sign Up: Sign up on our website. Start by checking your address. If the address is verified to be in the project area, an interest form is presented. Simply fill out the interest form, checking the boxes at the end that say:  

  • Yes! I want to sign up for Holland BPW Fiber Internet service. Use this form as my initial application when services are ready in my area.  
  • I agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Holland BPW will contact interested customers to schedule installation as fiberhoods are constructed.