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Energy conservation and affordability are common goals that Holland Board of Public Works shares with our community. We offer a variety of programs that help our customers make environmentally conscious decisions about their energy usage. We also have an income qualified assistance program to help with your utility bill in times of need.


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Elective Renewable Energy IconElective Renewable Energy

You can contribute to making our community a greener place by choosing to have a portion, or all of your electricity generated by renewable sources. Holland Board of Public Works is now offering elective renewable energy for all customers. 

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Are you planning to install your own renewable energy generator? Holland Board of Public Works has a Distributed Generation (DG) program for HBPW customers who generate electric power using their own solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, energy storage system or qualified biomass resources. DG helps lower your electric bill and continue to access to the HBPW electric grid as a back up.

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 Income Qualified Assistance icon financialhelp gray 72

If you're recently unemployed or meet the income qualifications, you may be eligible for assistance offered through the Ottawa County Community Action Agency and the Allegan County Resource Development Committee.



icon refrigerator gray 72Refrigerator Replacement Program energy star logo vector

Holland BPW offers a Refrigerator Replacement Program that provides new Energy Star certified refrigerators at no cost to income qualified electric customers. 

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icon homeenergyaudit gray 72Lower My Bill Free Home Energy Check-up

Schedule an in-home checkup to discover many ways to save on your utility bills. Each checkup includes a 60-90 minute assessment by a Building Performance Institute certified technician, who will provide a list of recommendations that are specific to your home. You'll also get a folder full of electric and water saving tips, plus all the energy and water-saving devices listed below can be installed by request, at no extra cost!

pdf ¡DESCÚBRA LOS AHORROS EN SU HOGAR! - Lower My Bill - Espanol (307 KB)

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Holland Energy Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that supports the City of Holland’s long-range Community Energy Plan. The Holland Energy Fund facilitates two programs in partnership with the City of Holland, Holland Board of Public Works and Michigan Saves.

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