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Fiber Network Construction

We are expanding the community-owned fiber network throughout the City of Holland! On August 2, 2022, the people of Holland voted to invest in community-owned broadband. Construction of the passing network infrastructure is underway. This is where we bring fiber down every street, making it accessible to every address in the city.

Services will begin to go live in the Summer of 2024, as we build and activate fiber-to-the-home connections. Services will be available to residents and businesses within city limits as fiberhoods are completed in phases.

The complete construction project will take 2-3 years.

Fiber Services in the City of Holland

Holland BPW Fiber Internet services will become available throughout the City of Holland as the network is built.

Let us know you are interested in Holland BPW Fiber! Check you address in the map above and fill out the form.

Choose Your Speed

Holland BPW offers two speeds of Fiber Internet service. Choose 2 Gbps for $45/month or 10 Gbps for $125/month.

$45/mo for 2 Gbps
$125/mo for 10 Gbps

What is included?

Symmetrical high speed internet service

That means equal bandwidth whether you are uploading or downloading.

  • ONT Modem

  • WiFi 6 Router

  • BPW Fiber App

  • Installation

  • No contract pricing

Optional Add-ons

  • WiFi mesh extender - $5/each per month

  • Additional IP Address - $3/each per month

  • Enhanced Service for 24/7 support - $150/month

Not in the City of Holland?

If you are not located in the City of Holland, some of our other broadband services might be available to you.


Shared Gig - Downtown and Cobblestone

Holland BPW Fiber internet service is available in Downtown Holland and the Cobblestone neighborhood. Use the map above to see if your address is in the Shared Gig area. 

Sign up today to take advantage of the Holland BPW fiber services available in your area. When the millage takes effect in Summer 2024, all of our existing shared gigabit customers in the City of Holland will benefit from the new citywide fiber rates.

Shared Gigabit - $85/mo

  • Fiber fast bandwidth

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds

  • No contract

  • Free standard installation

  • Great for residential internet usage

  • Rate will drop when Summer 2024 millage takes effect!

Enhanced Shared Gigabit - $220/mo

  • Static IP

  • Priority Service

  • Fiber fast bandwidth

  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds

  • No contract

  • Free standard installation

  • Great for business internet usage

  • Rate will drop when Summer 2024 millage takes effect!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expanding the fiber network

Crews are constructing the passings network throughout the City of Holland. The passings network consists of the fiber lines that go past every home, making fiber connectivity available to everyone in the City of Holland. Some of the fiber will be underground and some will be overhead. 

Just as a water main goes past every home to provide access to water, a fiber optic passing goes past every home to provide access to data. As the passing network is built, neighborhood by neighborhood – fiberhood by fiberhood – service will roll out as it becomes available.

Construction is ongoing. The first fiberhoods are progressing to the next stage. We expect to start rolling services out this summer. 

Diagram shows what fiber passing and fiber drop mean. A row of houses on a street with an orange line going down the road passed the houses. this is the fiber passing. Purple arrows point up from the orange line and connect to the houses, representing the fiber drops.
Fiber passing - goes passed the home. Fiber drop - goes to the home.
Download our construction information brochure in English or Spanish.

Signing up for internet service

Holland BPW is rolling out Fiber Internet services as the network gets built. Services will be available as fiberhoods come online, and we will let you know when our services will be available at your location. 

Customers can sign up for service by filling out the Interest Form and checking the boxes at the end that say:  

  • Yes! I want to sign up for Holland BPW Fiber Internet service. Use this form as my initial application when services are ready in my area.  
  • I agree with the Terms and Conditions

This means that when your fiberhood is ready, we will contact you to schedule your installation.

Questions about the services

No, there is no data cap. Whether you sign up for 2 Gbps or 10 Gbps service, there is no data cap on your BPW Fiber Internet service.