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bpw construction worker with a red hard hat and yellow safety vest.

Design, Build, Activate

There are three key phases before we can light up Fiber Internet Service: design, construction, installation.


The City of Holland has dedicated $4.2 million in grant funds to the city-wide fiber network. Some of that is being used to help secure 50% of the projected materials needed for the project. Holland BPW has partnered with eX2 Technology to design and build the Fiber network. They start with designing and identifying zones, also known as nodes, which will be constructed throughout the City of Holland. Following completion of the engineering field work and approval from the board of directors, construction will begin.

What this means for Holland residents:

Site Engineers visit to inspect your neighborhood or other equipment in the area.


Once eX2 has designed the Fiber network and has identified zones, we will share a map of our plans for construction. In the construction phase, we build the fiber optic network throughout the city. In most cases, fiber lines will follow the same path as your current electric service, whether it is overhead or underground. MissDig will mark the underground utilities in your yard with flags. If fiber will be underground, after your property is marked, our crew will install conduit for the fiber by micro-trenching.

What this means for Holland residents

  • We will keep residents informed about construction progress and service availability via our website, email, and social media.

  • Holland BPW and eX² Construction crews will be installing fiber in, or near yard areas and will perform cleanup work when they are done. Please do not remove any flags marking utilities.

  • If you have underground sprinkling or obstructions, we will need your assistance in identifying where these are located. 


If you are registered for Holland BPW Fiber Internet, our crews will extend fiber from the overhead or underground line to your home and install a small connection box. Then comes the moment that everyone is waiting for, activating your internet!

What this means for Holland residents:

  • You will be able to schedule an appointment to install your fiber internet connection. Appointments will take one to three hours. We ask that you are present for this step.

  • Our installer will discuss the routing of the fiber line inside your home, and connect the provided modem/router and set up Wi-Fi.


After your fiber internet connection is installed, activating service is easy! You will be able to sign up for service from your personal computer or mobile device. Holland BPW trained technicians will be available to help you get started as well.