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Water Conservation Tips

Why is Water Conservation Important in Holland?

Water is a precious resource no matter where you live in the world. Holland happens to be surrounded by fresh water, which should not be taken for granted. Holland BPW strives to be an exemplary steward of the resources entrusted to it, and to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to working alongside our community to promote best management practices for our natural resources here in West Michigan.

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Holland’s water comes from Lake Michigan, and is shared by multiple sectors in the community ranging from farms, to industrial facilities, to residential homes. Conserving water will become increasingly important for a variety of reasons in the coming years, one being that Holland BPW will be better able to maintain its water treatment and reclamation facilities, thereby providing customers with better service.

Specifically, outdoor water use, primarily for sprinkling during the hot summer months, can create high demand on BPW’s water treatment plant. BPW’s water treatment plant must satisfy the maximum daily water demand, at any time, every day of the year. During the few days out of the year that are the hottest and driest, peak water demand can reach 30 MILLION gallons per day, which is approximately 80% of the system’s capacity. For comparison, average daily demand on the water plant is 13 to 14 million gallons.

Holland BPW must have adequate capacity at its treatment plant to supply the system peak day demand. If we are successful at reducing peak day demand by being more efficient and water wise during hot dry summer periods, we will be able to postpone or avoid expensive plant capacity expansion projects. Not only will efforts to reduce peak day demand save money and keep water rates lower, conserving water is good for environmental stewardship and conserving critical resources.

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What Can I Do?

Take the Water Use Calculator test. The results are holistic, spanning water use across all aspects of life, but will get you thinking about your water use:

You can also check out the topics and resources below, and begin implementing them in your own life, whether it be at home, with your neighbors, or in a community space.

Water Conservation Tips

  • Inspect for and fix leaks. Fixing leaks reduces your water waste.

  • Turn off the tap! Don't let water needlessly run down the drain while you brush your teeth. Letting the tap run while you brush uses about 5 gallons of water.

  • Wait until you have a full load to do your laundry. One large load of laundry saves more water than doing several small loads.

Safety and Conservation Handouts

Learn more about saving water, pesticide safety, storm water runoff and more by viewing the handouts below: