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Rain Barrels

rain barrelRain barrels capture and recycle rain water from downspouts. If you have gutters on your home, consider installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels harvest rainwater for future use in lawns and gardens that would otherwise be lost as runoff and end up in storm drains and streams. You can attach rain barrels to multiple downspouts, and even connect them together. The more barrels you have, the more free water can be saved and later used during hot summer days for watering your lawn, flower beds, shrubs, and newly planted trees. In addition to saving water and money, lawns and garden plants prefer rain water to treated water. Rain barrels are relatively easy to construct, and can be constructed at a local educational workshop with the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

pdf Rain Barrel Fact Sheet (538 KB)
West Michigan Environmental Action Council Workshops: WMEAC Rain Barrels