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Smart Lawn Care

water conservation grass lgIrrigating a 1,000 square foot lawn with just one half-inch of water uses 330 gallons of water! It is important to assess where to cut out unnecessary water use, as well as to be mindful of how much water is used at one time to prevent stress on our local water system. Activities like flower and vegetable garden watering, lawn watering, and car washing are all areas we can make improvements to be more water smart citizens.

Lawn Care Tips
  • Water in the early morning between 4 and 8 a.m. (before water demand rises)
  • Water one to two times per week in the summer. Grass roots are generally not growing in the summer, so deep watering does not promote root growth at this time; this is why shallow watering during cooler parts of the day is preferable in the summer months
  • Set lawn mower blades at three inches or higher to shade soil and maintain moisture
  • Wash your car on your lawn so that the water can sink into your grass/plant roots
  • For more tips check out the   pdf Water Conservation Factsheet (3.34 MB)

Investing in WaterSense ® (WS) certified outdoor products will save you water, and therefore money. WS products are trusted, Environmental Protection Agency-backed items that provide optimal water efficiency. Information on designing water-smart landscapes, and WaterSense products can be found here:

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