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Tips and Rebates

Our energy efficiency rebate programs reward you
for making Energy Smart purchases
for your home and business.

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Home Energy Check-Up

Schedule a free in-home energy checkup with
a Building Performance Institute certified technician
to discover how to save on your utility bills.

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Financial Assistance

Learn about Financial Assistance Programs
available to income-qualified customers
of Hollland Board of Public Works.

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EV Charger Rebates

 HBPW offers a rebate to customers who purchase
an EV charger. Learn about the rebate
and the basics of electric vehicles.

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Renewable Energy Rate
15% of the energy we provide comes from renewable sources. You can choose to increase the amount you receive with this elective rate. 

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Water Conservation

Using less water is beneficial for the environment and saves money on your utility bill. Follow these water conservation tips to make a difference.

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