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Energy Smart Program

Holland Board of Public Works' Energy Smart Program is a portfolio of energy efficiency resources and incentives designed to help Residential, Commercial and Industrial electric customers use energy wisely. Benefits of participating include saving money, cleaner air, business vitality and better quality of life.

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Energy Smart Tips

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Save money on electricity and have a better tasting cup of joe by turning your coffee maker off and keeping your coffee warm with a thermos.

Icon of a thermostat

A programmable thermostat can lower your heating costs by as much as 20%! Take advantage of Holland BPW’s rebate program and save.

Icon of a computer

Make effortless changes on your computer to save $100/year. Opt for standby mode over a screen saver; switch your font to save ink.

Icon of a power strip

Save up to 10% on energy bills when you buy a smart power strip! Electronics leech energy even when they are not in use, avoid waste and save.

Icon of a yellow lightbulb

Go green with efficient lighting! Switch your five most used bulbs with LEDs and reap the savings of high efficiency.

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Ceiling fans can help save energy and increase comfort. In cooler months, your ceiling fans should circulate clockwise.

Icon of a fridge on a blue background

Your refrigerator door should seal tight when it is shut to keep cold air in and warm air out! And if you have a second fridge, it could be costing you up to $120 a year! Take advantage of Holland BPW's recycling rebate.

Icon of a pink toaster oven

If you have a toaster oven, use it to bake or reheat small portions of food. Toaster ovens use half the energy of conventional ovens.

Icon of a blue snowflakes

Don’t make your fridge work extra hard! Wait for food to cool before putting it in your refrigerator to ensure maximum efficiency. Also, covering liquids and wrapping food placed in the refrigerator reduces moisture, reduces messes, and keeps food fresher.

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Do the lights get left on in your house? Install motion sensor lights to avoid leaving on overhead lights.

Icon of an open dishwasher full of plates and glasses

Change dishwasher settings to save up to 50% on electricity used. Air drying instead of heat drying dishes is effortless and saves big!

Icon of a pink oven

Don’t peek! Each time you open the oven door the temperature inside drops 25° to 50°, requiring your oven to work harder than necessary.

Conservation & Safety Fact Sheets

Energy Efficiency Resources

Great tips on how to save energy, information about energy efficiency tax credits and lists of ENERGY STAR® qualified products and programs.

Efficiency Financing & Energy Resources

The Holland Energy Fund is a nonprofit corporation that supports the City of Holland's long-range Community Energy Plan. The Fund facilitates programs in partnership with the City of Holland, HBPW and Michigan Saves. The Home Energy Retrofit program helps City residents identify energy issues and solutions for their homes with a Home Energy 101 visit.