Holland Board of Public Works owns and operates a fiber optic network in the greater Holland area. This system was installed to improve communications between electric substations, and has expanded to service the local community. The growth of HBPW's network has allowed HBPW to provide service to school districts, small and large businesses, municipal offices, medical offices and community service organizations. Holland BPW provides three service options: Shared Gigabit, Active Ethernet and Dark Fiber. 

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Reliable, Fast, Affordable

Holland BPW's broadband highway is fast and reliable by the nature of fiber optic cable. Optical fiber uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal. It is unique because it can carry high bandwidth signals over long distances without degradation. Also, fiber optic cables do not conduct electricity, which eliminates the possibility of electromagnetic interference and fire hazards.

Holland BPW believes that broadband access makes our community stronger. As a municipal utility company, Holland BPW is able to control the cost of building and expanding our broadband network with strategic planning and integration with partners and our other services.

Partner ISPs

The ISPs listed below are connected to Holland BPW's fiber network. Some ISPs also utilize HBPW's fiber network to provide services such as off-site storage and disaster recovery systems. Together, HBPW and the ISPs below can provide reliable and affordable network solutions for your business.

Shared Gig

Fiber cables connecting to a cloud, connecting to another cloud

HBPW offers high-speed broadband services to our community with industry-leading internet reliability, speed and customer service. Currently, this shared gigabit service is only available to the Downtown Holland corridor.

Read the case study below about how Shared Gigabit saves this local company time and money.

Active Ethernet

Diagram connecting multiple fiber cables to a cloud

Active Ethernet is a private network option that provides a wide-area Ethernet service interface to connect two or more locations at bandwidths ranging from 0.5 to 2000 Mbps. The handoff can be provided across copper or fiber depending on customer needs. Installation costs, setup fees, and bandwidth rates are available upon request.

Dark Fiber

A fiber cable that is stripped as it goes along

HBPW offers the option of leasing dedicated fiber strands on a monthly basis, with an aggregate minimum of $1,000 per month. This option allows the customer to design, install and maintain the electronic equipment required. Installation costs, setup and lease rates are available upon request.

Interested in Active Ethernet or Dark Fiber?

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For more information about HBPW Broadband Services, to obtain a quote, or order a service, please contact Broadband Services at or call (616) 355-1500.

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