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Fiber Rates Approved

City council approved rates for Holland City Fiber project. Internet services will roll out as they become available.


Fiber Construction Update

Construction of the City of Holland’s municipally-owned fiber network is underway. Crews are constructing the passings network throughout the City of Holland. 


Building Fiberhoods in Holland

Holland BPW is building fiberhoods in the City of Holland. Construction begins soon!

Design, Build, Activate

There are three key phases before we can light up Fiber Internet Service: design, construction, installation.

30 Years in Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Holland BPW’s core function is to provide outstanding utility services and to operate infrastructure - that includes 30 years of experience with fiber optic broadband.

Why fiber makes a difference

Fiber-optic broadband is the highest quality infrastructure for broadband available. Constructed of tiny transparent fibers, information travels through the cable at the speed of light.

Holland BPW Partners with EX2 for Fiber Design-Build Contract

The people of Holland voted to make a community investment in a high-speed fiber optic broadband network that will be available to every address in the city. 

Welcoming Bill Badran as Broadband Services Supervisor

Holland BPW welcomes Bill Badran, Broadband Services Supervisor. Bill will be integral in the activities related to building the infrastructure for Holland City Fiber.

Moving Forward with Fiber

On August 2, 2022, the people of Holland voted to make a community-investment in a high-speed fiber optic broadband network that will be available to every address in the city.

What is Fiber?

Most internet services currently operate on copper wire cable networks that transfer information using electrical signals. Fiber optic networks transfer information through strands of glass in a cable using the invisible light spectrum. Each cable has multiple strands, so like cars on a highway, fiber can support more traffic at higher speeds, allowing information to quickly move on and off the road.