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What is Fiber?

What is Fiber?

Fiber Optic Internet

Most internet services currently operate on copper wire cable networks that transfer information using electrical signals.

Fiber optic networks transfer information through strands of glass in a cable using the invisible light spectrum. Each cable has multiple strands, so like cars on a highway, fiber can support more traffic at higher speeds, allowing information to quickly move on and off the road.

Fiber Benefits


As a publicly-owned fiber network, Holland BPW is accountable to the community to provide affordable and reliable essential services. You can rely on the same quality of service that you currently receive for our other utilities such as electricity, water and wastewater.

Faster & Affordable

Holland BPW is a nonprofit entity. As a nonprofit, every dollar we receive is invested back into the utility to better serve our community. We pass along any savings to our customers through rate decreases.

A Thriving Future Needs Great Internet

Our community’s success and continued innovation will rely on a fast, reliable connection for an advanced workforce, competitive education, virtual healthcare and daily entertainment.

Future-Focused Infrastructure

The fiber project will install infrastructure able to handle up to 10 gigabit internet speeds—providing fast internet not only now but into the future as technology continues to evolve.

How Fast is 1 Gigabit Internet?