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Folder Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Compliance


pdf 2021 Annual Groundwater Report Popular

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pdf Alternate Source Demonstration for Lithium Popular

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pdf Annual CCR Fugitive Dust Control Report 2016 Popular

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pdf Annual CCR Fugitive Dust Control Report 2017 Popular

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pdf CCR Closure Plan Surface Impoundment Popular

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pdf CCR Groundwater Annual Report 2018 Popular

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pdf CCR Groundwater Annual Report 2018 Revised Popular

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pdf CCR Groundwater Annual Report 2019 Popular

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CCR Groundwater Annual Report 2019-01-31.pdf

pdf CCR Groundwater Annual Report 2020 Popular

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2020 CCR Groundwater Annual Report (1).pdf

pdf CCR Inflow Design Flood Control Plan Popular

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pdf CCR Liner Design Criteria Documentation 2016 Popular

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pdf EP 4012 Fugitive Dust Control Plan for JDY Ash Pond System 11615PEs Popular

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pdf HBPW Detection Monitoring and Status of Closure Documentation Report Popular

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HBPW Detection Monitoring and Status of Closure Documentation Rpt_05-28-2019-rev.pdf

pdf Notice of Intent to Close CCR Impoundment 2017 Popular

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pdf Notice Remonitoring Wells and Sampling Results 2017 Popular

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pdf Sampling and Analysis Plan 2017 Popular

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