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pdf Community Energy Plan Annual Report Popular

By Tagged in CEP, community energy plan 1465 downloads

Download (pdf, 3.61 MB)

Square_CEP 2023 Annual Report for Digital Viewing.pdf

pdf FAQ Document Hillside Ballot Language Popular

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Download (pdf, 223 KB)

FAQ Document - Hillside Ballot Language.pdf

pdf HBPW Avoided Costs Popular

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Download (pdf, 232 KB)

2024 Avoided Costs.pdf

pdf Park Township HBPW Partnership Proposal Release Popular

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Download (pdf, 67 KB)

PT-HBPW Partnership Proposal Release 3.13.20.pdf

pdf Park Township Water Systems Map BPW Proposal Popular

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Download (pdf, 509 KB)

Park Township Water Systems Map_BPW Proposal_3.13.2020.pdf

pdf Strategic Plan 2020 Popular

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Download (pdf, 2.88 MB)

Strategic Plan 2020.pdf