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Home Energy Use Calculator

Fill out all fields to calculate your home’s energy efficiency. A low number means your house is more efficient, using less energy per square foot. This calculation is meant to be an estimate and does not account for weather, number of occupants, ceiling height, etc. Click the button at the bottom to submit your results.

Data may be aggregated and reported by HBPW but your usage or personal information will not be shared without written consent.

1. Enter 12 months of electric usage, found on a recent HBPW bill:

2. Enter 12 months of natural gas usage, available here from SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company:

If you do not know the square footage of your home you can view your Holland tax records here



Compare your home to these averages:

  • Holland, MI: 23.3
  • Midwest: 15
  • Denmark: 9