• Fiber Build Authorization

    In order for Holland Board of Public Works to install fiber internet at a location, this form must be signed by the landowner.
  • Owner Information

  • Where shall the new fiber internet service be installed?

  • Additional Facilities

    When installing fiber optics for services, it is important to know of all buildings on the property you are interested in having service to. Garages, sheds, secondary living quarters and all other locations on the same property you would want services to should be noted below. There may be additional installation and/or service charges for buildings other than the primary location depending upon the work required and services desired.
  • Private Utilities Disclosure

    When installing fiber, HBPW follows procedures set forth by the Michigan Damage Prevention Board (MDPB) and Miss Dig to help locate existing utility lines. However, private utility lines such as sprinkler systems, buried lines to out buildings, septic systems, drain fields, etc. are not a part of the Miss Dig system. In an effort to prevent disturbing private utilities, please let us know of any private lines you are aware of. You can also upload a file to attach a drawing.
  • Authorization

    The Undersigned hereby grants to the Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) permission to construct, operate and maintain a communication line or system on, over, or under the above premises and in or upon all streets, roads, or highways abutting said land. The Undersigned further agrees that in the event that said undersigned does not own all private land or lands necessary to be crossed, as stated above, he or she or they shall obtain all necessary permission from the owner or owners of said land or lands, and shall submit same to HBPW prior to installation of service. The Undersigned hereby grants to HBPW access to the premises of Undersigned at all reasonable times for its purpose of installing, repairing, maintaining or removing any service to the premises. Application for services still required.
  • Holland Board of Public Works - Broadband Services
    625 Hastings Ave, Holland, MI 49423
    Email: fibersupport@hollandbpw.com

    If you have any questions regarding the fiber build process or services available at your location, please call Customer Service at (616) 355 - 1500.

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