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Electric Panel Rebates

We are offering a $1,000 rebate for a residential electric panel upgrade to a minimum 200 amp service. To qualify for the panel rebate, an EV charger or at least one 240V electric appliance electrification (converted from natural gas) must be installed within 12 months of the panel upgrade. Work must be completed by a licensed electrician. A copy of the electrical permit must be included with this application along with proof of charger/appliance purchase/installation. Rebates will be paid after all required documentation, including proof of EV charger or electrification measure installation, has been submitted and approved.

Before you upgrade your panel, pre-approval is recommended to ensure you qualify for the rebate you are hoping to receive. Have your electrician reach out to us or feel free to call our team to discuss your project at 616-355-1577 or send us an email.