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pdf 2018 07 01 Approved PURPA Rate Sheets Popular

By 1014 downloads

Download (pdf, 87 KB)


pdf 2018 Water and Sanitary Sewer Charges and Assessments Popular

By 1053 downloads

Download (pdf, 477 KB)


pdf AuthorizationtoChangeRate Popular

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Download (pdf, 31 KB)


pdf BizConnectPresentationHBPW Popular

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Download (pdf, 3.65 MB)


pdf Commercial EV Rebate application fillable FINAL Popular

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Download (pdf, 308 KB)


pdf FY 2016 Renewable Energy Rate (2) Popular

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Download (pdf, 448 KB)

FY_2016_Renewable_Energy_Rate (2).pdf

pdf FY 2019 Electric Rate Sheet Rate B Popular

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Download (pdf, 72 KB)


pdf FY 2019 Electric Rate Sheet Rate K Popular

By 1018 downloads

Download (pdf, 76 KB)


pdf FY 2019 Electric Rate Sheet Rate M Popular

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Download (pdf, 75 KB)


pdf FY 2019 Surcharge Rates Popular

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Download (pdf, 83 KB)


pdf FY 2019 Wastewater Rate Sheet (1) Popular

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Download (pdf, 73 KB)

FY-2019_Wastewater-Rate-Sheet (1).pdf

pdf FY 2019 Water Rate Sheet (1) Popular

By 940 downloads

Download (pdf, 72 KB)

FY-2019_Water-Rate-Sheet (1).pdf

pdf FY2018 Electric Rate Sheet Rate S effective 7 1 17 Popular

By 1038 downloads

Download (pdf, 71 KB)


pdf HBPW Centennial Park Brochure Ready for Print Popular

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Download (pdf, 997 KB)


pdf HBPW COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan Popular

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Download (pdf, 186 KB)

HBPW Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.pdf

pdf Hope College Study Popular

By 1194 downloads

Download (pdf, 6.22 MB)


pdf Hudsonville Study Popular

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Download (pdf, 13.94 MB)


pdf Kandu Study Popular

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pdf Key Accounts Lunch 2023 Popular

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Download (pdf, 1.85 MB)

Key Accounts Lunch 2023.pdf

pdf MI Sales Tax Exempt Form Popular

By 825 downloads

Download (pdf, 33 KB)