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Sign Up for Elective Renewable Energy

Make an immediate impact on carbon reduction! Holland BPW offers an elective renewable energy rate for its customers. Choose to have half or all of your electricity generated by renewable sources.

15% of the energy you receive from Holland BPW comes from renewable sources. You also have the option to purchase more renewable energy from HBPW at the cost of $0.01 premium per kWh. 

Choose to go 50% or 100% renewable!

  • 100% renewable means that you purchase 85% of your energy at the Renewable Energy Rate.

  • 50% renewable means that you purchase 35% of your energy at the Renewable Energy Rate.

  • $0.01 per kWh premium on Elective Renewable Energy purchased

  • A 12-month commitment is required.

I understand that this premium will be in addition to the rate I currently pay for electricity and that by submitting this enrollment form I will be enrolled in the Elective Renewable Energy Rate. I also understand that I must be a current HBPW customer and remain in this program for a minimum of 12 months.

By typing your name above you are authorizing the addition of the Elective Renewable Energy rate to your account.