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Get realistic about an EV switch with this new toolkit

Get realistic about an EV switch with this new toolkit

The Holland Board of Public Works has launched a new online "EV Toolkit" — a trustworthy and comprehensive resource for all EV-related topics.

It's a guide for anyone interested in purchasing an EV, with information on different models, charging options, environmental considerations, and potential costs and savings. Whether you’re a seasoned EV enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the toolkit acts as a one-stop shop.

Are you interested in learning about what types of EVs are on the market? Explore detailed information on both all-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Filter by manufacturer, year, seats, price point, and range to quickly view the models that interest you.

White EV car charging

Worried about the expenses associated with charging an EV? Wondering about the potential savings in fuel costs? The toolkit calculates monthly cost differences between gas and electric vehicles. It even estimates how long it'll take to charge your EV if you're using a Level 1, 2, or DC Fast Charger!

Concerned about finding a place to charge while on the road? Find public charging stations with a convenient searchable map and keep your journey charged up and stress free.

Cost savings can go beyond what you spend on fuel. A $325 rebate for an Energy Star Level 2 Charger and a $300 rebate for other Level 2 Chargers are available. You can explore all brands with the toolkit and filter them by their certification.

Black EV charging in a garage

You can also use the toolkit's time-of-use rate, a comparison calculator to assess EV charging costs under the utility's "EV TOU" rate against the standard residential rate to help decide which is right for you.

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint? The toolkit has a calculator to compare carbon dioxide emissions between gas and electric vehicles. It provides an overall estimate of how many pounds of carbon dioxide you could reduce your carbon footprint by if you switched to EV.

Are you ready to start your electric journey? Visit the toolkit at

Whether you're a prospective buyer, a proud EV owner, or EV-curious, this toolkit equips you to navigate the world of EVs. Charge up, save big, and drive with confidence on the road to a cleaner, greener commute