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32nd Street Water Main

map of Holland showing where the water main construction will be between the railroad tracks at Waverly and Morningside

Holland BPW is replacing part of the Water Main on 32nd Street. The project will improve the reliability of the water system. The replacement work includes 5,000 feet of 12 inch water main and 2,500 feet of 8 inch water main.

Where: Construction will take place between the railroad tracks (at Waverly & US-31) and Morningside.

When: Construction is expected to start prior to Tulip Time but work will be paused during the festival.

How will traffic be affected by this work? Westbound lanes will be closed for construction. Eastbound lanes will be open for traffic.

6/28/2024 Update:

  • All pipe work including services, east of Waverly is done. We are moving into the section between Waverly and US-31 next week.
  • New traffic control patterns west of Waverly are in place.
  • The water main lining is scheduled for around July 8. The pipe work west of Waverly will be wrapping up shortly after that. We will be looking to mill and pave the south portion of 32nd shortly thereafter.