• Looking for Something to Do? Check Out Events Involved with HBPW!

    We have an events page available on the website now! HBPW attends a lot of events around Holland from the Fire Truck Parade to the Home Expo. If you're wondering where to find us and when, check out the events page today. It features HBPW sponsored events, and events we attend. Find events here. 

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  • Real-Time Outage Information Now Available for HBPW Customers 

    Out of power? Check out our brand new Outage Center. Receive updates and view restoration times.

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  • 2016 Annual Report Now Available Online

    The 2016 Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) Annual Report is now available. From your first cup of coffee to when you turn off the light for bed, Holland Board of Public Works is here to provide your utilities. In this year's report, don't miss: awards and outreach, "How It Works" diagrams" and more. Read about the Holland Water Treatment Plant updates, snowmelt expansion and the Water Reclamation Facility improvements. 

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  • Utility Scam Alert: Be Wary of Callers Asking for Payment through Pre-Paid Credit Card

    Recently, Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) customers have fallen victim to utility scams involving callers, claiming to represent Holland BPW, demanding payment for a past-due balance through a prepaid card, and threatening to shut off service, if the payment is not received.

    This is an attempt at fraud. The callers use an untraceable phone service, and ask the customer to stay on the line with them and make payment with a prepaid credit card. Unfortunately, if customers fall victim to this scam, their payment goes to the fraudulent scammer and is not traceable.

    Read more on how you can protect yourself from scams. 

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  • 2015 Water Quality Report

    The 2015 Water Quality Report is now available online. HBPW had no violations of any standard in 2015 and continues to exceed strict water quality standards as it has since the facility began operations in 1957. The constituents that were detected were all well below the EPA’s allowable levels.

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  • Lower My Bill Energy Audit

    Schedule an in-home checkup to discover many ways to save on your utility bills. Each checkup includes a 60-90 minute assessment by a Building Performance Institute certified technician, who will provide a list of recommendations that are specific to your home. You'll also get a folder full of electric and water saving tips, plus all the energy and water-saving devices listed below will be installed at no extra cost!

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  • We're Updating at Holland BPW. So Should You. 

    We've got new tools to better serve you. We can text, call or email with impacting utility information - your choice. Update your contact information today!

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  • New Home Energy Kits at Herrick District Library - Available Early March

    We’ve updated our Home Energy Kits available to check out for FREE at Herrick District Library. Humidity monitors and infrared thermometers are now part of the kits! Check one out today to see how you can save.

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  • Participate in Earth Hour March 25th, 8:30-9:30 pm

    Join other members of our community and people all around the world for Earth Hour 2017! On Saturday, March 25th take the pledge to change your energy use for at least one hour (8:30-9:30pm). You can participate by turning off non-essential lighting around the house or outside which is also a great way to reduce light pollution! Eating a late dinner? Maybe sit by candle light! If you represent a business, school or church, encourage your members to take the pledge as well! Get creative and show your support for energy conservation and a better planet!

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