What is the South Shore Drive Reconstruction project all about?

Holland BPW and the City of Holland are working jointly to upgrade the infrastructure on South Shore Drive. South Shore Drive will be undergoing an extensive update this spring/summer including water main work, sanitary sewer and storm sewer work, ADA sidewalk ramps and reconstruction of the roadway.

When will work begin on South Shore Drive?

The South Shore Drive Reconstruction project has been undergoing development since Aprilk 2017. 

After Labor Day, the section of South Shore Drive from Azalea to 17th St. closed for construction.  The pavement will remain largely intact as spot work is completed. There will be times when spot work will cross South Shore Drive and temporarily close through access. The pavement is tentatively scheduled for complete removal and replacement at the end of September. Completion is scheduled for early October. 

SSD Phase 32

Will there be detours planned? 

Detour routes have been planned and signs will be highly visible. Click below to find detailed detour routes. 

Phase 1 Detour Route

Phase 2 Detour Route

Phase 3 Detour Route

Phase 4 Detour Route

Who should I contact if I have questions? 

If you are have specific 
questions, please contact: 
HBPW On-Site Contact
David Cyrus
HBPW Engineering Contact
Mark Gipson
City of Holland (Streets and Storm Sewer)
Ben Dubbeld
Will I be able to access my home? 
Although the road will be closed to thru-traffic, residents will typically  be able to access their driveways and homes. However, there will be periods of construction while the contractor is replacing utilities directly in front of a home, curb or sidewalk concrete curing, paving is in progress, or other events that may prevent residents from direct access to their driveways. 
What about the dust? 
We are working on measures to minimize dust in the area.