Why did the sewage backup in my house? 

The vast majority of sewer backups occur in older sections of the city sanitary sewer system that was constructed with clay tile prior to 1950. Shifting of the ground over time can cause cracks in the pipe and joints to separate allowing tree roots to enter the sewer main. They also provide an excellent point for grease to accumulate, which also eventually blocks flow. The city maintains these tree roots on a regular basis and continues to identify and fix these issues. 

If you have experienced frequent backups, please contact us at 616.355.1643 to learn about your private sewer service. Many licensed plumbers can provide quotes and perform this work. If your sewer is made of Orangeburg pipe, it may need to be replaced, as it is a bituminized fiber pipe made of layers of wood pulp and pitch pressed together. Its lifespan is only around 50 years. 

Am I covered if my sewer does backup? 

You should check your homeowners insurance policy to see if you are covered for backups. Most insurance companies offer a rider for water damage. If you do experience a backup, save all receipts related to any repair, damages or cleaning. 

If you notice a sewer backing, please contact us immediately at 616.355.1643. Refrain from using household water appliances and/or drains. 

For after business hours, call 616.355.1500.