Purchase a new construction ENERGY STAR® certified home, and we will send you a $500 rebate check. ENERGY STAR Partner Logo

ENERGY STAR certified homes are approximately 30 percent more efficient than standard new homes. They are built using techniques that ensure the house is as efficient as possible, and they are equipped with high-efficiency appliances and products. Qualified builders make sure the home has undergone a better process of independent inspections and testing to ensure it meets strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

The requirements for certification are rigorous for your benefit: 

  • Builders, home energy rates and HVAC professionals must complete special training
  • Houses must pass four inspections: thermal enclosure, HVAC rater, HVAC contractor and water management system.

For questions on your home's certification please contact your builder.

Learn more: Watch this video, read the brochure or visit the ENERGY STAR website.

For a rebate, fill out the application online.

Questions on the rebate? Call Morgan Kelley at 616.355.1534.