Thank you - Direct Payment Enrollment

Thank you for signing up for Direct Payment! Direct Payment is a convenience that saves you time and prevents missed payments. Your Holland BPW utility bill will be automatically paid on your due date. The payment will be made through a direct transaction from your bank account.

Your first Direct Payment will be made on your next billing cycle. If your due date is within one week, please call Customer Service to see if Direct Payment will start with that bill or the next one. (616) 355-1500

Banking Information

Direct Payment requires up-to-date banking information. Please call Customer Service to update your account information whenever there are changes with your bank. Incorrect bank information would result in missed payments.

Insufficient Funds

If a bill is not able to be paid due to insufficient funds there is a $30 fee. Accounts that have three payment attempts resulting in insufficient funds will be removed from the Direct Payment program. If that were to happen, you would not be eligible for this program for one year. After one year, you could sign up for Direct Payment again.