December 2, 2016, Holland, Michigan – Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) is offering LED lightbulbs to customers in exchange for turning in one or more strings of old, incandescent holiday lights. The strings of holiday lights will be properly recycled.

The promotion takes place two-days only in the HBPW Service Center lobby at 625 Hastings Ave. Stop by on December 8 from noon to 5 p.m. and December 9 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Customers may select either one LED PAR lightbulb or two A-line LED lightbulbs in exchange for a string of lights.

“LED holiday lights are a great way to enjoy the holiday season without breaking your energy budget,” said Deena Roberson, Holland BPW’s conservation program specialist. “It costs about 6 times less to operate LED compared to incandescent holiday lights.”

In addition to exchanging strings of holiday lights for lightbulbs on December 8 and 9, Holland BPW will be demonstrating the cost difference between LED and incandescent holiday lights and other benefits.

“LED holiday lights are cooler, longer lasting and more durable than incandescent lights,” said Roberson.

Holland BPW offers rebates for residential customers on LED bulbs. It’s not too late to apply for rebates this year. Customers can receive $5.50 back per 7W or greater bulb (ENERGY STAR certified) on up to 40 bulbs per year. Visit for the rebate application, keep the receipts and mail in by December 31.

For more details on the holiday LED light exchange, visit or