April 13, 2016, Holland, Michigan – Coal will no longer be used to fuel Holland BPW’s James De Young (JDY) Power Plant after Wednesday. April 13 marks the last day for burning coal at the 76 year-old plant.

“JDY is a piece of history in our community that represents Holland’s ability to make forward-thinking and innovative decisions,” said Dave Koster, general manager, Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW). “JDY has served the community very reliably since 1940, when it was constructed.”

Even though coal will no longer be burned at JDY, it will not be closing its doors.

“There will still be two generating units able to generate with natural gas,” said Koster. “The plant will continue to be staffed even as employees begin to transition to the Holland Energy Park (HEP) throughout the summer and fall.”

Holland BPW is more than halfway through the construction of the Holland Energy Park, it’s new, state-of-the art gas-fired power plant.

“The vision for more sustainable, affordable and reliable energy in the Holland community has continued to evolve throughout the years and the replacement of JDY with HEP is the product of that vision,” said Koster.

Leftover coal still at JDY will be sold to other organizations as part of the preparation for removal of the coal yard and ash ponds in 2017.