June 23, 2015 – Holland, MI – “What’s your number?” That’s what the folks from the Energy Prize have been asking Holland residents lately. They’re talking about a home’s energy index.

The Holland Energy Prize team is encouraging residents to know their number by using the online calculator at www.hollandbpw.com/homeenergyusecalculator. Holland Board of Public Works (HBPW) customers that do so and hit “submit” have the chance to win an entire house full of LED bulbs! Customers in the ward group and township with the most entries will be eligible for the drawing.

It’s simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Customers need 12 months of usage available on one HBPW electric bill, 12 months of SEMCO Energy Gas usage and the square footage of their home to calculate their score.

“Learning your energy consumption rate gives home owners a starting point,” said Anne Saliers, community energy services manager, HBPW. “Like a weight scale, it can help home owners decide what steps they need to take to easily lower their consumption, such as replacing their five most used bulbs with LEDs or turning down the temperature on their water heater.”

If customers want to be eligible for the competition, they need to act quickly. The competition ends June 30.

“The opportunity to win a house full of LED bulbs could be a big energy saver,” said Dave Koster, general manager, HBPW. “LED bulbs use 80 percent less energy than incandescent lights and can last 20 or more years.”

The Energy Prize has developed friendly competitions between four ward groups in the city to help raise awareness and participation for Holland’s bid in the Georgetown University Energy Prize. The “Know Your Number” campaign is the second ward competition. The first quarter competition wrapped up in March after residents competed by getting a furnace tune up chance to win a new high-efficiency furnace.

For more information about the Energy Prize, visit www.hollandenergyprize.com